Getting motivated

I’ve been trying to get motivated to start a new project…I’m so happy with the DJ bag that I’m afraid to start something new because it won’t be as great! I’ve been wanting to make some fabric journals using scraps, old manila folders, and printing lined paper with some cute animals to make the journals special and unique. I haven’t been able to come up with a journal paper design that I like. And I am going to need some fabric glue to finish the edges of the journals, which makes me not want to start without it…

Also I have a pattern and fabric for a cute skirt that I haven’t had the courage to start…working with patterns is so complicated and confusing for me. The directions seem like they’re written in another language. That’s why I want to get Sew What! Skirts, because there are no patterns and the directions are very clear!

Oh well. I’ll get up the nerve at some point.


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